Our Story

We are driven by one passion: the quest to explore this magnificent Planet. On our expeditions and forays into the outdoors we realized the extent of America’s trash problem. Litter is a silent epidemic affecting not only our backyards, public lands, open waters, wildlife and marine life, but the most remote, conserved and preserved zones in our country. What is the answer?

Trash has to be rethought at its very source. The fact that waste is an accepted byproduct of every single consumer product that exists on Earth is an error of design. The solution is simple – we cannot solve the trash problem while producing more waste. Trash needs to be eliminated at the point of origin. This means we need to radically redesign packaging and reinvent everyday products into zero waste solutions.

That’s exactly what we do at Design By Freedom. We achieve Zero Waste by redesigning lifestyle products, one-time-use disposables and packaging into affordable, mainstream and human-centered solutions. We are a team of entrepreneurs, explorers and designers working to make trash history. Please join us.

Let’s reinvent everything, together.

– Anukampa Freedom Gupta-Fonner, Chief Imagineer, Design By Freedom &
Clifford Edwin Fonner, Chief Explorer, Design By Freedom