Zero Waste Cafe Collective

Mission: Protect the health of planet Earth by reducing waste.

Our Relevance

The world used to be cooler.
Waste less.
Fight Climate Change.

Coffee has the¬†power to build community and inspire action. It is a cultural ritual for Americans. We want the dialogue on sustainability and our planet’s health to become an intimate “coffee chat.” These coffee chats will inspire collective action to reduce the waste and save the planet.

How do we succeed in our mission?

1. By making cafes a catalyst for positive change for the planet.

2. By redesigning wasteful elements of to-go coffee with fun, functional and fashionable zero waste solutions.

3. By inspiring zero waste behaviors through social media conversations.

Who are we?

Coffee Scientists. Third Wave Revolutionaries. Baristas. Cafe Owners. Independent Coffee Shops. Industry Trendsetters. Responsible Leaders. Ethical Traders. Changemakers. Organic Coffee People. Stewards of Earth.

A Glimpse of Our Story

Do you want to Be The Change?

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