The Problem

40 Million cardboard coffee sleeves are discarded every day in the U.S. This creates 2.8 billion pounds of annual cardboard waste. Seemingly inconsequential disposables add up. If you lined up every coffee sleeve discarded yearly in our country (about 14 billion per year), they would wrap around the earth 5 times.

That’s a lot of wasted energy, carbon and trees. It doesn’t have to be that way.

The future of Zero Waste, inspired by a simple idea: Wearables.

Our Solution: The Freedom Sleeve.

It’s the world’s first zero-waste coffee wearable.

Re-Imagine The Ordinary

Elegant design, smooth grip and friendly texture to enhance the true coffee lover’s experience. But that’s not all. This little invention comes to life with its multi-functionality, smart re-use, and intuitive rememberability.

Designed For Portability.

The Freedom Sleeve can be snapped on your bag, your wrist, your bike, or your dog’s leash. Intuitive design and mobility are key to zero waste.

Assembled For Ease.

The Freedom Sleeve takes less than 10 seconds to snap on/off. 10 seconds that save carbon, paper, and trees upon each use. It’s climate action in your own hands.

Built For Thinkers (And, doers).

Imagination and creativity go hand-in-hand with coffee breaks. Have fun. Think. Create. Solve.

Invented to be a monumental leap.

We promise you a zero waste adventure embedded in simplicity, design, and impact. Come, fly with us.

10 awesome colors to add joy to your coffee.

Blue. Red. Orange. Pink. Yellow. Purple. Green. Teal. Black. White. Color your coffee.

Zero Waste Cafe Collective

Championed by our network of cafe partners, who incentivize your use and re-use of the Freedom Sleeve.

Engineered for Zero Waste.

The Freedom Sleeve is in-home compostable. Use it for a year and compost it in your backyard. Our design values are embedded in innovative and sustainable materials.

Crafted with Pride in the U.S.A.

We are committed to reviving local economies in some of the most economically challenged communities in America.

Zero Extinctions

We want to radicalize the way business creates impact. 25% of our revenues are committed to saving endangered wildlife and marine life. We have absolutely no tolerance for wildlife trade, cruelty towards voiceless creatures, and violence towards flora and fauna. Your choice supports a Zero Extinctions future.

The Freedom Sleeve

Each Freedom Sleeve costs $9.99.
For wholesale pricing and customized Freedom Sleeves for your cafe, conference or campaign, contact us.